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4-13-15 License Act Review -
84(R) SB 699 Section 52. Amends several Sections in 1101.455. "Prohibits the commission from increasing the number of required classroom hours by more than three over the term of a license.
(e) Requires that at eight, rather than six, of the continuing education hours required by Subsection (b) provide current information on, rather than cover, the following legal topics:  go to for additional information.  To follow the SB 699 to to

Additional Highlights:
Adds a two-year waiting period for reapplication after revocation, surrender, or denial of a license after the opportunity for a hearing.
  Requires legal and ethics continuing education update before renewal of first sales license.
Requires additional education if an applicant fails the examination three times.
Allows agency's investigative files to remain confidential to avoid staff involvement in external litigation.

Section 4: (d) Prohibits a daily course segment for a qualifying course from exceeding 12 hours.
3-23-2015 Notice:  TREC's Versa System is not updating education that is posted by schools within 24 hours; therefore, we at CRETC are faxing/emailing documents to the TREC for their staff to post to avoid any further delays.


Be on the lookout for a possibly incorrect "905" notice being generated from TREC!

Several sales and Brokers have reported that they received a notice which indicates that their education was not completed before paying their renewal fees and they were charged the $200 CE Deferral fee. The attached is a sample of the incorrect "905" notice being sent out from TREC. This person completed their education and the education was posted 2/4/2015 prior to paying their renewal fee around the end of the month and as well as already having their new license in hand.

Do not disregard the letter, but we encourage you to double check what you were charged on your renewal fee. If you were charged the $200 CE Deferral fee incorrectly, you should contact the Commission to dispute.

Our students are important to us and being proactive towards our students obtaining and get their education posted to TREC is our top propriety.  TREC emails licensees their License Renewal Notices 3-months (90 days) in advance of the licensee's license expiration date.  Under the new rules set forth by TREC, the CE education must be posted to the licensee's records at the time they elect to pay their renewal fee.  Failure to have the education posted to the license record at the time electing to pay the renewal fee will result in paying the non-refundable $200 CE Deferral fee. Sales Agents and Brokers filing a late application:

My license has been expired for less than 6 months. What do I need to do to become licensed again? A sales agent whose license has been expired not more than 6 months, who files an application to late renew on active status must pay the applicable renewal fee, have the CE hours completed, and file the Renewal of Real Estate License - Timely Or Expired Less Than Six Months application. If the CE hours have been completed by the license expiration date, no additional fee will be due. If the hours are completed within 60 days of the license expiration date, a $200 CE deferral fee will be required. If the hours are completed between 61 to 180 days of the license expiration date, the deferral fee and late reporting fee (total $450) will be required. The late CE fees cannot be paid online. The fees must be postmarked, by the post office, and mailed to TREC's mailing address. (TREC, 2015 FAQ

Processing Credits to TREC:  The Commission (TREC) does not allow online and correspondence providers to post the student's credit until 24 hours after the student completes the course(s).  Then the Commission's (TREC) Versa system must generate overnight for the credit to be posted to the licensee's record, therefore; to avoid electing to pay the $200 fee CE Deferral fee.  Because the TREC Versa system does not update in "real-time" taking education at the last minute may result in the licensee having to pay the $200 CE Deferral fee to renew at the end-of-the-month.

A licensee may take their CE education anytime during their two-year license term.  Save $200 dollars by taking your CE Education early.


 Effective January 1, 2015, amendments to Commission rules will require that the Continuing Education (CE) late MCE deferral fee of $200 be paid by the license holder upon filing a renewal application if TREC records do not reflect completion of CE requirements.  

Additional information will be provided via email to the CE providers as soon as TREC have specifics to share.  Currently, the process has not be fully established by TREC.

 How does this rule change affect license holders and CE providers?

License holders will need to complete their education well in advance of their renewal date to allow providers time to submit CE course completion records to TREC. 

To avoid paying the $200 late MCE deferral fee upfront, licensees are encouraged to get their MCE done early!

Special Notice!

"December 15, 2014

The revised rules go into effect January 1.  If a license holder goes on line to renew the license and his/her education is incomplete in the TREC system, they will be assessed the $200 CE deferral fee if they continue with the renewal process at that time.  If the education is not posted the license holder has the option of waiting until the education has been posted.  They can then go online to pay their renewal fee (minus the $200 deferral fee). 

The license holders that will have a problem are those that wait until the last week or two of the license expiration date to complete their continuing education.  They will have to pay the deferral fee even though their education has been completed timely if the education has not been posted.  Providers are advised to post information into the CE posting system as soon after the course as possible and definitely within a 10 day timeframe.  Providers should also inform students who attend CE courses within 10 days of their license expiration date that they may be required to pay the CE deferral fee if their CE is incomplete or hasn't been posted to the system.  Initially, refunds may be issued on an individual basis depending upon the circumstances and any unforeseen challenges that may need to be worked out." (TREC, 2014)

NOTICE:  TREC Changed from PSI to Pearson VUE to offer the State and National Exams -- Effective September 1, 2014.

Some TREC Rules changed for certain brokers and supervisors on 9-1-2012.

Are you a Licensee who:

  • sponsors one or more salespersons, or
  • is a designated broker of a licensed business entity, or
  • is a license holder who supervises other licensees for six months or more during the course of your current license?

If any of the above 3 cafeterias describes you then you must take the following courses:

  • 3-hours of Legal Update
  • 3-hours Ethics Update, and
  • a new 6-hour Broker Responsibility Course
  • 3-hours of an approved elective topic.

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