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Accredited Buyer's Representative Designation Core Course

Thinking about getting the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) Designation

We can assist you in getting your ABR Designation!  What does the ABR Designation do?  The ABR  designation core course establishes a foundation for training, skills, and resources to help you succeed as a buyer's representation. The course is specifically designed to help you as an agent:

  • When you conduct a buyer counseling session
  • When you sign buyer clients to a written buyer representation agreement
  • Helps train you to provide exceptional service
  • Helps train you to bring the transaction to a successful close

The course offers two-day online courses that incorporates peer-to-peer discussion forums and a downloadable Student Manual.  The student manual includes: buyer representation checklists, forms, and worksheets that can help students organize and streamline day-to-day buyer representation tasks and responsibilities.  The course also features specific guidance from leading buyer representation experts.  You will end-of-module quizzes used to reinforce key concepts and helps students prepare for a completion exam at the end of the course.

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